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China and Europe are important trade and investment partners for each other, with the total population of China and Europe accounting for a quarter of the world's population, 40% of global economic output, and bilateral trade accounting for one-third of total international trade. Therefore, deep and comprehensive cooperation in the fields of culture, economy and science and technology between China and Europe will give further impetus to the growth of the global economy and will contribute with even more positive energy to the joint fight against the epidemic and to the reconstruction of the weakened economy.

The 5th China Forum promotes the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU and provides a platform for exchange and cooperation between the two sides. In particular, this interactive online conference will be held in the areas of international understanding, prevention and control of epidemics, climate change, environmental protection, the digital economy, trade and investment, innovative governance and economic theory, in order to learn from each other, exchange experiences, build cooperation, strive for joint development and contribute to world peace and prosperity.



Confucius Institute

Elisabethstraße 32/ 2

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Eva Märzendorfer-Chen

Mobile:+43 664 8565114

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